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Learn How to Speak effectively in Public

A great athlete practices for thousands of hours before playing in front of a crowd. Great speakers practice the words before they find themselves on the spot. There are many tools available for those who wish to become impactful. However, nothing can help the person who does not practice. No tool is as powerful as ongoing personal feedback. Pratt Leadership Consulting can help you communicate effectively when the deal is on the line.  Explain why your product or service is valuable. Explain how your organization solves problems, which leads to higher ROI. Explain your tips for success in your business. Practice your answer to “Tell me about yourself.” Public Speaking can help you succeed. Let us help you. Contact us today.

Leading Effectively

Building elite teams requires a process and to do so, you must have leaders at all levels. There are many successful companies out there where the most senior leaders are absolutely not leading effectively. They are authorities and because they are authorities, people do as they are told. However, many people would never truly follow them. Some may leave your company. Then there are people at the very bottom of the totem pole that are true leaders. PLC has a program to help build leaders and encourage teamwork, which will maximize revenue and ROI. 

Sales Prospecting

Sales prospecting is the process of searching for potential customers, clients, or buyers for the purposes of developing new business. The result is to move prospects through the sales funnel until they eventually convert into revenue-generating customers. We will help shorten the cycle for sellers to find leads and turn your customers into lead generating referrals.

Effectively Selling with Stories

No matter if you're selling a tangible product, software, or service...stories sell. The salesperson that can tell a good and truthful story will sell more than a person who can't. Let us help you develop your story, so you can sell more.  

Negotiating Process

Do you have challenges understanding how to relay your value proposition? Do you struggle with knowing when to use it in negotiation? Our Negotiation Process will help you analyze, absorb, and apply the best negotiating techniques for your business or service. Pratt Leadership Consulting will help you close more and win more. 

Power of Persuasion

Power will increase your ability to persuade and influence others. Your power can be seen by customers who possess the knowledge and have authority to subscribe to your recommendations. Would you like to learn how to use this Power the right way? Contact Pratt Leadership Consulting and find out how. 

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