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Who is P​ratt Leadership Consulting?

Our Mission

We focus on People, Process, and Performance. We "transform organizations one at a time."

Our Story

Pratt Leadership Consulting, Inc. (PLC) provides a wide-range of leadership services. Our areas of focus are business acumen, talent assessment, leadership development, executive, and board services. Our programs are designed to deliver increased leadership performance and increased employee engagement. Executives and individuals who are looking to become better leaders, sellers, and business persons will benefit from our consulting services. Our personal programs have help industry professionals develop the leadership presence, knowledge, and competencies required to succeed in almost any field.

Organizational Culture Improvements

Organizational culture stands out, primarily because a company’s culture has a major impact to the type of person that would perform well or not perform well. The opportunity for improving organizational behaviors has several factors for the basis of overall job and role satisfaction factors. If an employee is unhappy from the beginning then the others are of no consequence. Let PLC, Inc. help your organization turn this around.

Effective Leadership Coaching

Our program consists of both in-person and virtual sessions. We can meet together either in your office or via webinar (video conference). The current program delivers a comprehensive education in personal development, leadership challenges, and curated modules focused on developing your personal leadership style and associated competencies. 

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Communicating effectively by understanding, reading, and responding to the expressive nuances in diverse cultures and environments underscores the importance of the relationship between diversity and inclusion in the new millennium is obligatory. PLC, Inc. can help your organization and leaders inspire the true heartbeat of any company - THE EMPLOYEES. 

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