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Leadership Objectives

  1. Discover your leadership style and recognize how it impacts relationships and results. 
  2. Apply leadership concepts in day-to-day operations using newly acquired tools and understanding.
  3. Learn how to stay true to your leadership values under pressure.
  4. Lead effectively through situations involving conflict. 
  5. Receive and deliver feedback with compassion.
  6. Gain a strategic view of the mission, function, and challenges of any organization under your leadership.
  7. Learn the importance of, and how to apply, a strategic view when problem-solving or making decisions. 
  8. Consider downstream impacts within your own organization or others.
  9. Develop tools to successfully transition to an executive position and optimize your efforts with style to succeed in a new environment.
  10. Manage politics and build relationships to achieve professional and personal goals.
  11. Understand the role of organizational culture and learn how to foster an environment that allows for individual and organizational success.
  12. Develop effective communication skills and understand principles of strategic communication for any team, organization, or executive leaders.
  13. Appreciate the importance of continual development of self and others. 
  14. Learn how to best achieve that development and understand the impacts on organizational success.

Leadership Competencies

Below is a set of crucial competencies that further define the characteristics and abilities of a successful leader. Primary competencies are highly valued and are key indicators of leadership and business success. Secondary competencies support successful delivery of primary competencies. 

Primary Competencies

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Vision
  • Communication
  • Accountability

Secondary Competencies

  • Developing Others
  • Problem-Solving
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Decisveness

Coaching Services

Compare coaching packages and find the best fit for your organization. 

Monthly Coaching


Per Month

Best Coaching Package 

120 hours

1 Executive, 4 team members

On-Site / Web


Weekly Coaching


Per Week

Target Areas of Improvement

25 hours

4-5 team members

Web Training


Daily Coaching


Per Day

 Overview and Strategy Development

3 hours

1 Executive

Conference Call


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